EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety)

“Safe Work Environment is our First Priority” Zero incidents is our goal and zero incidents is our expectation. We operate at a world-class safety standard. Check our website for the latest numbers and compare our up-to-date statistics. Our history of safety performance and awards, quality achievement and our respect for the environment are a testament to VT Marine’s very high standards.”


VT Marine has a team of skilled engineers and designers to provide technical support for production crafts. Our engineering staff size and composition is based on current workload. Some activities may be accomplished by specialized engineering subcontractors to supplement in-house personnel. VT Marine designers have the equipment and ability to laser- scan existing structures on-site or off-site and, from the scans, develop accurate 3D models. This information can be used to renew existing systems or determine the space available for new structures and/or systems. The design group includes three main elements: structural, mechanical and electrical design. These groups work together to provide field engineering and dimensional control, and to develop detailed design packages for construction activities. Procedures for heavy lifts (greater than 50 tons) are specifically engineered to ensure a safe plan, utilizing cranes that have safe lift capacity ratings.

Quality Control

Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we maintain a weld reject rate (NDT) of less than 1⁄2 of 1%. VT Marine quality systems are designed to assure that high quality is obtained in all our processes and as a result, rework is minimized.

Project Management Systems

All internal groups are fully linked by our customized computer-based Integrated Management System (IMS). A Primavera Schedule is the key central component of our IMS. Our skilled planning department develops detailed work packages for all crafts and work centers for all activities, ensuring highly accurate fabrication and installation, as well as tracking and reporting of projects.


The Mississippi region serves as a rich and dynamic resource for highly qualified and talented craftsmen. We are committed from the top down to ensure that we provide the finest workmanship for every project we execute.